Here are some links to other bloggers I follow: Have no fear that a visit to these blogs will leave you high and dry in cyberspace. A click on the The Irish American S… tab in the left corner will return you to The Irish-American Story blog. I want you to know that I don’t go out looking for these people. But for some strange reason, here they are, and there’s more to come.

Shannon O’Donnell is a prison chaplain. Her insight into life behind bars told from a religious perspective is well worth reading.
Finding Grace Within

My friend and editor, Rob Miller, in addition to being an author on the dark side with the intent to scare the hell out of his readers, is one of the finest and most reasonably priced editors I’ve yet to come across.
Out of the mind…the JaggedDarkness

My first-cousin-once-removed (meaning his mother is my first cousin) Chuck Sambuchino is an editor and published book author who runs the Guide to Literary Agents Blog. Give him a look.
Guide to Literary Agents Blog

Gerry Regan executive founder of the The Wild is passionate about the history and heritage of the Irish. I have him to thank for publishing on his website, “January 1864, At The Nexus of Black and Irish History.”  Check him out
The Wild Geese

John Herold’s imagination and follow through is all around this blog. He can also fix your computer at most reasonable prices without visiting your establishment. Take a look at his blog. He’s one weird fellow. Notice how I put some space between him and Rob Miller.

When you live in a house surrounded by 100+feet tall Douglas Firs, you need some strange fellow to climb them and make certain they’re still safe. I use Zeb Haney, enough said.
Tree Resource


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