About the Author

Philadelphia native James Francis Smith, a graduate of North Catholic High and LaSalle University with an MBA from Pacific Lutheran University, after a successful career in industry and finance, returned to his first love—narrative history chronicled in a novel fashion. In documenting the Irish-American story, he dedicated his remaining years to preserving the history of the Irish and to make future generations aware of their achievements and contributions.

Smith’s ePublished novels, available for $6.99, describe the lives, loves, and wars of people and events that have often been overlooked by history.


2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. My father is a graduate of North Catholic 1946 He had read an article about your book called The Life and Times of Liam O’Donnell.
    He is not a nook or computer guy, Is this book in paperback or hard copy? I am having adifficult time finding it.
    Thank you in advance. Kathy Jordan

    • Hi kathy. I’m sorry, it’s only available on an eBook device, Kindle, Nook, etc.

      However, you can download free programs such as “Kindle for PC” – open an account with Amazon and download the book. This is what I did to view Kindle books before i purchased a Kindle reader. It’s a little cumbersome but workable. I think your father would enjoy the book. It’s set in Port Richmond and my characters attend four years at a high school which I renamed St. Brenda’s and staffed it with Irish Christian brothers. The tales are vintage North Catholic.

      Jim Smith Class ’51.

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