Smith’s Post 9/25/16 History still Matters


History, as an important subject in our elementary schools, has been on such a decline, it is facing extinction. At the same time, reading books, particularly by the young, is steadily declining.

Ironically, because of the ease of self-publishing, new titles and re-editions are on the upswing, exceeding 300,000 in 2013. With so large a supply, a new book can easily get lost. Therefore, the name of the author is more important than the content of the book.

In order for his staff to grasp the disasters of leadership, President Kennedy insisted they read Barbara Tuchman’s historical classic on WWI, The Guns of August. Is history, as a major subject, still relevant?

Not only were there 10 million (that’s million) WWI battlefield deaths and 20 million wounded, an additional 20 million, mostly civilians, died from Influenza. In the United States alone, the Spanish Flu Pandemic afflicted 1 out of 4 in the population, resulting in 675,000 deaths.

Have we learned anything from those statistics about ‘Putting boots on the ground?’

Smith’s historical novel, The Last of the Fenians, covering the major battles of WWI, and much more, is available on Kindle and in paperback from Amazon.

It has been 15 years since America put ‘boots on the ground’ in Afgathan.

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