How many of you learned, in your History lessons, about the time, during WWII?

  1. When, the Japanese Navy ruled supreme in the Pacific?

  2. When, to preserve what remained of our depleted fleet, our Navy sailed away, leaving a Marine Division stranded on Guadalcanal?

  3. When, the island natives gave Chaplin Father Gerhing a 5 or 6 year old chinese girl to protect?

  4. When, during air raids, battle-hardened Marines covered the terrified child with their bodies?

  5. When, with Father Gerhing on the guitar, and Buddy Brenan, Guy Lombardo’s pianist, entertained the frightened Patsy Li?

  6. When, the Seabees made dolls for her from scraps of parachures?

  7. When, the former lightweight champion of the world, Barney Ross, was Father Gerhing driver?

    Do you really know as much about your country’s history as you think you do?

    The above is only a sample from Smith’s book The O’Donnell’s of Philadelphia, available on Kindle, Nook, and in paperback from Amazon and Createspace.

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