A Draft for the upcoming JFK Assassination Encyclopedia

Kennedy profileThe JFK Assassination Encyclopedia, Post 8/14/2016

Author James Francis Smith

I apologize for not replying to questions. I’m buried in my efforts to sort out data for the encyclopedia regarding Kennedy’s Assassination.

I’m not adept at imagination. To understand what others are portraying, I need to visualize the image. Hence the drawing on the left, depicting JFK’s exit wound.

The kill-shot exit-wound was described in Humes’s autopsy report as measuring approximately 5 inches in diameter, which is about the size of one’s fist. Now I would think with a hole that size, its location would be readily agreed upon—such is not the case.

Some doctors in the Parkland Hospital placed the exit wound at the back of the President’s head extending from the approximate center to just behind the right ear.

Humes’s autopsy report has it consisting of mostly parietal bone, with some temporal and some occipital bone. Which by my reckoning means it’s in the lower portion of Kennedy’s skull. Nicking the temporal bone extends the wound passed the ear.

The HSCA medical panel’s report, however, placed it much higher in the parietal bone, and has it extending forward into the frontal bone. Furthermore in their final report, the HSCA forensic pathologists shifted the location of the Harper fragment from the position shown on a drawing by their own expert, Doctor J. Lawrence Angel, curator of Physical Anthropology for the Smithsonian Institution. Joseph N Riley, in his article “Anatomy of the Harper Fragment,” supports Angel’s placement of the Harper Fragment. Angel’s placement contradicts both the autopsy report and the Parkland doctor’s opinions.

About the only thing these experts agree on is that the exit wound occurred on Kennedy’s right side.

Have I missed something?


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