The Kennedy Assassination Encyclopedia – 7/26/2016 Post


I’ve been asked, “Why write another book on Kennedy’s Assassination?”

In earlier research, I learned the Oswald missed when he attempted to assassinate retired General Edwin Walker. Based on this sparse information, the author of that article and I both concluded: Oswald lost the edge he had in the Marine Corps.

Recently while researching Larry Sneed’s excellent, No More Silence, I came across Walker’s description of the incident from testimony by Dallas Police Officer John Toney:

“I was also assigned to investigate the attempted assassination of General Walker.

“…the reason he wasn’t killed is that he dropped a pencil while filling out his income taxes, and as he bent over to get it, the bullet hit right where his head had been….”

Puts an entirely different spin on it, doesn’t it?

That’s why I believe it’s important to display both sides and allow the reader to choose which she or he believes to be the more likely.

That technique describes what I mean by: ‘To arrive at the truth, one must gather all the liars in the same room.’

You’ll hear from me occasionally on my progress. I still have a long way to go before my encyclopedia will be complete, so bear with me. For those who offered to assist, I may be calling on you to read the manuscript before final publication.

Author James Francis Smith


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