Druids, Celts and Romans 7/22/2016

Author James Francis Smith’s Post 7/22/2016

An Excerpt From his historical novel Druids, Celts, and Romans


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Celts-The Founders of Europe.

Before the dawn of written history, horsemen from the steppes of Russia swept across the European continent. Following their adherence to Druid laws and their conversion by priests from the British Isles, the Celts overran a swath of Europe from the British Isles southeast to Turkey, which they ruled for a thousand years. In addition to bringing the horse and iron to the continent, the Celts invented steel, the spoke wheel with its iron tire, the iron plow, rotation of crops, the wheeled harvester, and fertilizer—all of which enabled European nomads to settle in communities. Many European cities were originally Celtic settlements, including London, Paris, Budapest, and Milan.

In 387 BCE, they crossed the Alps, defeated the Roman Army, and invaded the eternal city. This epic battle dramatically changed the course of history.

Many historians advocate that the Druids and Celts originated in Asia, and came to Europe joined at the hip.

This author, however, believes that about 1,200 BCE, Celts from Asia formed as a people in Germany’s Hartz Mountains. The Druids originated in the British Islands, and crossed over to the continent, where they converted the Celts to their beliefs. Furthermore, his research indicates that the Druid religion evolved from the beliefs of those who built Ireland’s passage graves, Stonehenge, et al.

The future is unknown, and the past can’t be changed. However, one wonders how civilization would look if the Romans and Greeks had treated women with the deference the Celts showed them as leaders and warriors.

Author’s Comment:

I began my novel with this segment to demonstrate that civilization existed for centuries in Northern Europe (Gaul) while Rome was still a pup. This book culminates with the first encounter between Celts and Romans, occurring at the beginning of written history. For seven months the tall, long-limbed, fair-haired Celts, referred to by the Romans as Gauls, plundered the Eternal City. The Celtic invasion of Rome so terrified the Romans, they vowed ‘never again.’ Thus the invasion in circa 387 BC ignited the flame, giving birth to the mighty Roman war machine.


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