Sherlock’s Team Receives Their Assignments

Sherlock’s Team Receives Their Assignments

Linkedin Long-Form Post Submission #6

of the Sherlock / JFK Series

James Francis Smith

When he and wife Betty arrived for dinner, McDevitt was delighted to be accepted as part of what they now refer to as the Sherlock team. After the meal, he and Watson met privately to discuss what was expected of him. The stipend he’d receive was quite generous and graciously accepted; the chore not so much. Watson pointed to a stack of books, that McDevitt was expected to read, outline, and compare. Included in the reading material were books by those determined to prove that Oswald was the sole killer and books by those who held opposing views. There was no time limited given, but McDevitt knew he’d be on a short leash. Kelly wished him the best as he helped carry the treasure trove of material to the McDevitt’s car.

Once home, the several dozen books were sorted into piles not only of those advocating it was Oswald, but also those who believed it was President Lyndon Baines Johnson, some Corsicans, a Secret Service agent, the CIA, the Cubans, the Mafia, and a separate group of folks McDevitt had never heard of. Deciding there was no reason not to wait until morning before starting his assignment. He joined Betty for a nighttime snack and went to bed.

The next morning, Rose Kelly an avid reader, in addition to her chore of harvesting the emerging Internet, offered to assist McDevitt, who gratefully accepted her offer.


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