Correction to Irish in the American Revolution

  • In the book Irish in the American Revolution, I had included an image of the plaque adjacent to  Commodore Barry’s grave which is difficult to read. I don’t know how to make it more readable. Therefore, below I’m posting the portion that grabs me. Sorry, that’s the best I can do.

    Bordering Barry’s grave, this plaque describes his contributions to America’s independence, without which we would still be subject to Britain’s royal family.

    “Let the patriot, the soldier, and the Christian who visits these mansions of the dead, view this monument with respect. Beneath it are interred the remains of Commodore John Barry, Father of the American Navy. He was born in the County of Wexford, in Ireland. But America was the object of his patriotism and the theatre of his usefulness. In the Revolutionary War, which established the independence of the United States, he bore an early and active part as a captain in their navy and became its commander-in-chief. He fought often, and once bled in the cause of freedom….”


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