Irish in the American Revolution


The aggregate narrative on America’s Independence,

containing both the Colonial and British sides.

America gained her freedom in a nine-year-war by fighting three-dozen battles from Georgia to Canada, and hundreds of engagements on the high seas, occurring along the coastlines of North America, the Caribbean, the British Isles, and Western Europe.

We owe France for significant financial and military aid and for providing a safe haven for the ships of John Paul Jones and Luke Ryan. Let us not overlook the financial support supplied by Holland, and the involvement of Spain.

But most importantly, the manpower provided by Irish-born, Irish-Americans, and Scot-Irish without which we might still be vassals of England’s king.


Comments from fellow Author:

George Washington, Thomas Paine, John Paul Jones may be familiar names, but it turns out there’s a lot more to the story. With James Francis Smith’s chaff-free Irish in the American Revolution, whether one’s a layman or an ardent student, one has a must-read account from start-to-finish of that great nation-birthing conflict, and at a pace that whizzes by at the speed of a musket ball. A thoroughly enjoyable and educational experience—even for the non-Irish!

Rob M. Miller, author of I am a Victim, HWA member.


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