Irish Revolutionary Heroes

Revolutionary War heroes buried in the graveyard adjacent to Philadelphia’s Old Saint Mary’s Catholic Church

Barry prolamation 

Proclamation at the gravesite of Commodore John Barry

Let the patriot, the Soldier, and the Christian

Who visits these mansions of the dead

View this monument with respect.

Beneath it are interred the remains of

Commodore John Barry

Father of the American Navy.

He was born in the County of Wexford in Ireland

But America was the object of his patriotism

And the theatre of his usefulness.

In the Revolutionary War, which established the

Independence of the United States, He

Bore an early and active part as a Captain in their

Navy and after became its Commander-in-Chief.

He fought often and once bled in the cause of freedom.

His habits of war did not lessen his

Virtues as a man, his piety as a Christian

Or his practice as a Roman Catholic.

He was gentle, kind and just in private life,

Was not less beloved by his family and friends than by his grateful country.

The number and objects of his charities will be

Known only at the time his dust

Shall be reanimated and when he who sees in secret

Shall reward openly.


In full belief in the doctrines of the Gospel

He peacefully resigned his soul into the arms of his Redeemer

On the 13th of Sept. 1803, in the 59th year of his age.


Thomas Fitzsimons

Signer of the Constitution of the United States of America

Deputy from Pennsylvania to Federal Constitutional Convention

May 25, 1787 – September 17, 1787

Erected by the Pennsylvania Constitution Commemoration Committee 1937


General Stephen Moylan

A native of County Cork, first president of the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick, Muster-Master of the Continental Army, Aide-de-camp to George Washington, commanded 4th Continental Light Regiment of Dragoons (Moylan’s Horse), appointed Brigadier General and given command of all cavalry units.

Barry Day1955 Posing before Barry’s statue, neighboring Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, the lovely colleen Peggy Conboy, James Francis Smith, and Wexford-born John Masterson, after participating in the Barry Day Parade, circa 1955.




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