10-18-13        I had planned to approach this differently, but found that, Katie McGinty, my wife’s cousin, is running for Pennsylvania’s Governor.

                       Support Katie @mcgintyforgov

 10-20-13                I missed Maine’s Jeramiah O’Brien in Irish-American Chronicle.  He captured the first British armed ship

 10-22-13         Recommending highly, Mark McMillin’s Prince of the Atlantic, about Luke Ryan in Ben Franklin’s Navy during the Revolutionary War

 10-24-13        November 1943, JFK’s PT59 rescued Major Bigger’s 50-stranded Marines from the Japanese described in my book Rory O’Donnell and the Kennedys

 10/28/13         With 114 British ships captured or sunk, Luke Ryan’s fleet of privateers, serving under a Ben Franklin commission, surpassed John Paul Jones

10/29/13         A Canadian immigrant, Michael O’Leary from Cork earned the Victoria Cross on February 1, 1915 by killing eight Germans and capturing two

10/31/13         Unwilling to personally strike the colors at Yorktown, Cornwallis sent Irish-born Charles O’Hara. Washington sent Benjamin Lincoln.

 11/7/13           The French King loaned John Paul Jones the Bon Homme Richard, which he named after Franklin’s French edition of the Poor Richard’s Almanac

11/10/13           Over 50-years ago, Irish-American JJ Smith became the first civilian to successfully bring sexual harassment charges against a ranking Marine officer. 

11/18/13  Per my research, we would not have won our independence in the Revolutionary War without Washington, Franklin, Commodore John Barry, and the French.





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