The Gathering Project

Ciara Gallagher, Project Manager for “The Gathering Project,” must have her hands full, and that’s a good thing. I love ‘The Global Irish Community’ map she has on their website. Visit their website, and run off a copy. Yesterday Ciara got a boost in her marketing endeavor, when the Irish Central’s newsletter announced that the Kennedys (yes those Kennedys) will join the throngs to celebrate their Irish heritage. I thought I’d point out as I have in my eBook, Rory O’Donnell and the Kennedys, that JFK’s visit in 1963 wasn’t his first, only his most famous.

From Rory’s July 1963 column in the Chicago Tribune, ‘A Different Outlook’:

He was there before, you know … in 1947, arriving with Winston Churchill’s daughter. Although delighted to meet him, the locals were more interested in examining their car. Station wagons were rarer than returning Yanks.

“Ah sure, wouldn’t you proclaim you were ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ if a million or more West Berliners were delaying your visit to the ancient land of your people? A pleasure that Kennedy’s political hacks, Irishmen all, opposed. Wasn’t it Kenny O’Donnell, himself, who said, ‘Ireland? Mr. President may I say something? There’s no reason to go to Ireland. You’ve got all the Irish votes in this country you’ll ever get.’”


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