Kindle and Nook

ePublish on Kindle and Nook

Amazon and Barnes & Noble are in the business to sell books. Therefore, they make it relatively easy to digitally publish.  On the other hand, Apple sells devices, iPad and the like. This is evident because books from Kindle and Nook can be read on a PC or Apple without the requirement to purchase a reading device. I’ll cover publishing on iBook and book covers in a later article.

Both Kindle and Nook accept MS Word. In essence, you tell them where the file is located, and they come and get it.

Publishing on Kindle needs additional instructions only if you wish to include images inserted in with the text. Then Kindle prefers a HTML file.

To Publish on Kindle with images:

(Tip #1) Open a brand new folder.

  1. Copy the jpg file(s) of the image(s) into the new folder.
  2. Open the file containing the manuscript and insert the image(s) from the newly created file. Then save it as” Web page, filtered (*htm, *html) in the newly created file. This file will now contain the images and the .htm file.
  3. To improve transmission speed, Kindle expects the file to be zipped. I use “7-zip.” Open 7-zip, select the file, which will now have a .zip extension.
  4. This is the file you submit. 

(Tip #2) After the file is uploaded to Kindle, select preview and make certain that the images appear before continuing to publish. If your image(s) doesn’t show up, go back and redo the above steps.

Problems not yet solved.

My patience is almost non-existent, so I detest the slow process using the preview option to wade through my 500-page books. I used to be able to almost go directly to the portion of the book I wanted to preview. To accomplish this, I’d change the location at the bottom to something close to where my images were inserted. For example, if the current location reads 14 of 561098. I’d change the 14 to 561000 so it would automatically sort to the last page. Since Kindle’s Fire came out, this is not longer an option. Thank you Kindle programmers.

Wouldn’t you know it! The very day I’m about to go public with my blog. Kindle makes this announcement:
KDP Unveils New Previewer
Time doesn’t allow me to investigate this “new previewer.” Look for it in a future article.

The biggest issue I encountered using Kindle (after I learned how to do the above) was that once a book is purchased, you can’t get a revised edition even if you offer to purchase it again. This makes it difficult to review your final version. Once I gifted a copy so the recipient could see if my images were in their proper place. I’ve called this deficiency to Kindle’s attention. If you convince them you’re the author, they will manually send (by e-mail) to you a revised edition, sometime in the next 12-hours.

I’m calling Kindle’s attention to this article. I believe they need an “Author’s Advocate,” someone who understands authors’ needs and can be contacted directly.


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