Irish-American Chronicle

Irish-American Chronicle


If you’re Irish or a history buff, you need to own The entire Irish-American Story Series:

All these books are available in soft-cover from the Amazon Bookstore, Createspace as well as from Kindle and moderate prices. Soon to make their appearance in bookstores who deal in Irish history. If it’s not yet in yours tell them to contact James Francis at

Druids, Celts, and Romans 

The Civil War’s Valiant Irish

Irish in the American Revolution (new)

The Last of the Fenians

The O’Donnells of Philadelphia

Rory O’Donnell and the Kennedys 

The Irish-American Chronicle-

By Philadelphia-born, Irish-American Historian James Francis Smith

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To fully enjoy this literary banquet, start with the appetizer—The Irish American Chronicle, priced to entice, for just 99-cents on Kindle, or $3.99 for an Amazon softcover.

The Irish-American Chronicle contains a comprehensive narration of JFK’s assassination, presented in a manner like none you have ever read.

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Philadelphia native James Francis Smith, after a successful career in industry and finance, returns to his first love, writiCreateSpace Cover imageCivil War Coverng the Irish-American Story.  You’ll delight in reading the human side of history chronicled in Smith’s novel fashion for $6.99 available on most eReaders and for a modest price, based on the number of pages,  for  the soft cover versions.

Finally Soft Cover Versions

 of Irish-American Authority James Francis Smith’s volumes 

 Available from Amazon’s Bookstore

        The author has finally published the entire Irish-American Story Series.  readers can comprehend the origin of the Celts, and the participation of Irish-born, Irish-Americans, and Scot-Irish in America’s epic struggles. 

Volume 1, Druids, Celts and Romans, includes the Celtic invasion of Rome.  

Volume 2, Irish in the American Revolution, The aggregate narrative on America’s Independence,containing both the Colonial and British sides.

Volume 3, The Civil War’s Valiant Irish, covers from Bull Run (Manassas) to Appomattox.  

Volume 4, The last of the Fenians, narrates the battles of WWI. Including the Irish in Galipolli.

Volume 5, The O’Donnells of Philadelphia, a family saga,  takes the reader through  the Phrobition, Great Depression, & WWII battles.

Volume 6, Rory O’Donnell and the Kennedys covers the events leading up to the Korean and Vietnam wars, the wars and the assassinations of the Kennedys. Own this unprecedented historical series to share your Irish heritage with your children and heirs.

   Readers’ comments: “A spell-binding story”—“A history that I’ve been totally unaware of”—“fascinating”—“I really enjoyed the characters”—”The skill with which James Francis Smith integrates fictitious characters into his novel, The Last of the Fenians, rivals that of Leon Uris in Trinity.”- “A thoroughly enjoyable and educational experience—even for the non-Irish!”

          Share your comments with the author–email him at: or use the contact button above.

The Irish-American Story

James Francis Smith


We dug the coal mines and canals

Courted your daughters

Built the railroads

Fought the wars


Patrick Carr died in Boston’s Massacre

Sullivan, Moylan, and Scot-Irish filled Washington’s ranks

John Barry commanded the Continental Navy

Luke Ryan surpassed John Paul Jones


Irish by the thousands fell at Fredericksburg

O’Rorke and O’Kane saved the Union on Cemetery Ridge

Patrick Cleburne led his final charge at Franklin, Tennessee

Phil Sheridan dogged Lee ’till Appomattox


Irish-Americans formed the unions

Constructed the cities

Laid the highways

And educated the masses


Too-many-to-count died in Flanders and France

Then came Guadalcanal, Normandy, and Iwo Jima

Irish music and laughter lightens the mood for we

are proud Irish-Americans. And this is our story.


Druids, Celts, and Romans

 Irish-American Story – Volume 1 Europe – circa 400BC

This narrative historical novel, illustrated by Sean Judy, opens with a dispute between rival Druids of an Alpine Celtic tribe. It further depicts a Celtic family’s lifestyle and religion by comparing it with that of the ancient Romans. In 387 BCE, Mayri tribal leader, Meva, sends her triplet warriors, two  males and a female, to lead a Celtic army invading Rome to rescue Conel, her husband.

Were you aware that in circa 300 BCE, the iron-producing Celts ruled a swath of Europe from the British Isles to Turkey? That the Celts brought the horse  to Europe, invented steel, the wheeled harvester, iron tired spoke wheel, used an iron plow, fertilizer, and crop rotation? That many European cities, among them – London, Paris, Milan, Budapest – were originally Celtic settlements? That even today, people in countries as diverse as Spain and Hungary still consider themselves to be Celts?

If you have any interest in your heritage, this book belongs in your collection. To purchase your copy, click on Kindle or Nook.

Available for $6.99 on:        Kindle         Nook

Soft cover volumes from Createspace or Amazon, depending on page count, range from $12.99 to 18.99 with The Irish-American Chronicle at just $3.99

Barry grave

Irish in the American Revolution

 The Irish American Story Volume 2- United States 1755-1783

America gained her freedom in a nine-year-war by fighting three-dozen battles from Georgia to Canada, and hundreds of engagements on the high seas, occurring along the coastlines of North America, the Caribbean, the British Isles, and Western Europe.

We owe France for significant financial and military aid and for providing a safe haven for the ships of John Paul Jones and Luke Ryan. Let us not overlook the financial support supplied by Holland, and the involvement of Spain.

But most importantly, the manpower provided by Irish-born, Irish-Americans, and Scot-Irish without which we might still be vassals of England’s king.

The Civil War’s Valiant Irish

Irish American Story- Volume 3 United States 1859-1865

An historical novel doesn’t merely describe who did what, when, and where as do most history books. This type of narrative portrays what the character likely thought, how they spoke, behaved. It invites the reader to sit around the campfires, share the hell of Andersonville Prison, the stupidity of orders, the horror of the battlefield, the backwardness of medical treatment, and the race riots in NYC. The Civil War’s Valiant Irish opens in Ireland with two sets of twins setting out for America. The lads from County Cavan separate with one going North, the other South. Whereas the lasses from County Cork not only become nurses, they befriend Abraham Lincoln.

Are you aware that Almost 200,000 Irish-born wore either Grey or Blue? That it was he Irish 69th Regiment of the Philadelphia Brigade who held their ground at Gettysburg by stopping General Armistead along with the remnants of Pickett’s Charge at Bloody Angle.

If you are at all interested in the Civil War, consider this book a good investment.

Available for $6.99 on:        Kindle         Nook


The Last of the Fenians

Irish American Story- Volume 4Ireland 1913-1923

This narrative historical novel opens in Donegal where childhood companions, PJ, Fiona, and Reed, part company—Reed to the priesthood, Fiona to an unhappy marriage, and PJ to a boxing career. To find Fiona, his childhood sweetheart, PJ relocated to Belfast, and joined the Irish Republican Brotherhood. Fiona’s husband proved to be a philanderer, where as her German-born father-in-law retained his ties with the Fatherland. A Scotland Yard detective while keeping the family under surveillance, took a shine to Fiona. She rebuffed and humiliated him. He retaliated by forcing PJ to enlist in the British Army. Meanwhile Reed signed up as a chaplain with the Irish 10th Division, which embarked for Gallipoli where he lost an arm and returned to Ireland. As a member of the Bicycle Corps, PJ participated in every battle the British Army fought in Flanders. From there the tale takes the reader through the Irish participation in WWI, the Anglo-Irish War, The treaty with England, and the Irish Civil War, during which PJ and Reed befriend Michael Collins. Meanwhile, Fiona fled with her children to the U.S.

Are you aware that in Dublin, throughout the Irish Civil War, Catholics murdered each other s on an almost daily basis?

2014 will mark the hundredth anniversary of the start of WWI (The Great War to end all wars.) Purchase The Last of the Fenians to learn how and why the “War of the Cousins” started and the human tragedy it brought.

Available for $6.99 on:        Kindle         Nook


The O’Donnells of Philadelphia

Irish American Story – Volume 5

An Irish-American Family Saga – 1918-1946

A narrative historical novel (formerly titled The Life and Times of Liam O’Donnell) describing the family life of the Philadelphia O’Donnells, as told by the hard-of-hearing Rory O’Donnell. The story opens in 1945, when the family learns that Liam’s plane crashed into the Sea of Japan. The epic then reverts to 1918, whereupon the returning WWI veteran Matt O’Donnell meets his future bride, Mary Bridget Sheridan, at an Irish dance. The financial struggles of this family, the dominance of the Catholic Church, sibling rivalry, and Liam’s hilarious antics in surviving parochial school will warm the cockles of your heart.

Historical events are covered in extreme detail, beginning with the rise of the Third Reich and the emergence of Japan as a World Power. WWII commences with Hitler’s invasion of Czechoslovakia, followed by Mussolini’s invasion of Albania. Then continues with the invasion of France, battles in Russia, Africa, Italy, Germany, China, Pearl Harbor—as well as the island-hopping campaign across the Pacific and most other major events that shaped our history —a grand read … and one of the most comprehensive reference books, covering the Greatest Generation.

Are you aware that more Americans were killed during the battle of Hurtgen Forest than during the Battle of the Bulge? That a Catholic priest protected a Chinese infant during the battle of Guadalcanal?

History books tell the who, what, and where of an event, The Life and Times of Liam O’Donnell takes the reader to those events? No history buff should be without this epic tale. Clink on either Kindle or Nook below to download your copy.

Available for $6.99 on:        Kindle         Nook


Rory O’Donnell and the Kennedys

Irish American Story – Volume 6

United States 1946-1968

A sequel to the Liam book, the Rory Book  depicts the vast technological and social changes following WWII. Rory and his next door neighbor Jeannie McAllister marry and he, over his mother’s objection, adopts Baby John (BJ,) Jeannie’s out-of-wedlock child.

As a newspaper correspondent, Rory befriends RFK and provides behind the scene glimpses of JFK’s politics and Presidency. Plastic replaced metal, computers replaced typewriters. Automobiles took their toll on trolley and subway ridership. Movement to the suburbs broke up Philadelphia’s religion-dominated, nationalistic neighborhoods. Gangs replaced the petty criminals with Crazy Tom McAllister rising to prominence in the K&A Gang.  Notorious robbers whose territory ranged from New England to the Carolinas. Civil Rights emerged as a force. Divorce became more numerous as females entered the workforce. The consumption of illicit drugs, and  pedophilia among the Catholic priesthood,  rose their ugly heads. Our President, a Senator, and a major Civil Rights leader were assassinated.The novel covers Vatican II, the Cold War, the Korean War, Vietnam, Martin Luther King, and a different take on JFK’s assassination. BJ rises above his sexually abused childhood to become a wounded Vietnam Veteran.

Much of today’s troubles can be traced to the period immediately following WWII. You would be remiss if you didn’t      if you didn’t understand its consequences. Click on Kindle or Nook to purchase your copy.

Available for $6.99 on:        Kindle         Nook


Unholy Conspiracies

Irish American Story – Volume 7

US circa 1990-2005

In this political novel, Smith allowed his imagination to run wild.  He believes a secret club of evil minded colleagues, were inserted into the highest levels of our government, is behind the vast number of political assassinations, including those of JFK, MLK, and RFK. But they’re not alone, evil that survived the Nazi regime and more recently arrived from Saudi Arabia’s  Wahhabi sect to add their menace to an already chaotic situation. Fortunately,  FBI agent Con McGinty, CIA agent Joe Nolan, & DC Detective Johnny Bickford band together to ferret it out.  If you’re squeamish about assassinations & sex, this is not the novel for you.

Available for $6.99 on:        Kindle         Nook



Irish-America Chronicle

Irish American Story – Volume 8

Only the kill shot, not the neck shot killed Kennedy.

A concise 99-cent book, available only on Kindle,  takes the reader from the ancient Celts through the Kennedy Era via selected stories from Smith’s books and blog. The segment on the ancient megaliths erected by followers of a prehistoric religion is worth the price. Travel through the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI and WWII.

The section on the Kennedys – describing four days the author will never forget is based on 1963 newspaper articles, The Warren Report, and Doctor Humes’s autopsy report is a gem. The conclusion belongs to the author, which evolved only when he weighted all the cognitive facts. He believes this segment ranks as a gem.

Available for the bargain price of 99-cents only on:        Kindle        

*If you don’t have a Kindle or iPad, download “Kindle for PC” or Kindle for Apple”


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  1. Hello, James, I’m impressed no end with your fascinating and varied historical novels. I was aware of the Celts’ amazing travels and accomplishments when, in my own travels, I found Celtic descendants from Lake Constance to Portugal and beyond, beautiful people with black hair and green, blue and violet eyes. From one writer of historical novels to another, Vale!

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